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enelysios in loasnark


I'm glad to have found this community. I'm very interested in the Law of Attraction, and definitely think there's something to it, but a lot of the information I've found on it is kind of flaky. I also think that some people take it too far – for example, if I'm remembering correctly, the book version of The Secret claims that if you look at a fat person it will make you fat unless you immediately get rid of the image of the fat person in your mind, and I read an article online that claimed that you cannot have a happy life if you read books that have violence in them because it will lower your vibration.

I've been working with the concepts, off and on, for a couple of years, with mixed results. I think one of my main problems is that I was raised to be wary of really good things happening. My mother's belief was that if something good happens to you, it depletes your supply of the good karma that allowed you to get that good thing, and so it leaves you open for lots of bad things to happen to you. So now if I try to bring something good into my life, I always have thoughts underneath like "Do I really want to use my good luck on this, or should I save it for something else?" and "But what if this happens and then something bad happens to me because of it? Maybe I should just leave well enough alone." I know I need to quit thinking like that, but I'm not sure how to do it. And part of me still worries that she was right.


Look at work of Louise Hay. She is awesome and can be a great help!

November 2008

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