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loasnark's Journal

Law of Attraction for Cynics & Skeptics
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For anyone who wants to use the LOA but doesn't want to turn into the bad kind of weirdo.
I started this community because I've recently begun applying the principles of the LOA to my life. They've been quite helpful, actually, though I want to learn more and manifest better.

As I've been learning how to change negative patterns and create a life I wanted, I've had a hard time finding people to talk to who were on the same page. There are a lot of forums devoted to these concepts online, but all of them have been too New-Agey for me to really get much out of them. While some of the concepts are admittedly vague, I was also tired of being given vague advice like "clean up your vibration and go downstream." I also have a problem with being told that every bad thing in someone's life is that person's fault and I wanted there to be a place where people could be more sympathetic while still being appropriately anti-rainbows and butterflies.

Feel free to talk about the concepts, how you're using them, or anything else relevant. For now, posts are moderated because I don't want this to be just like the many others that are out there.