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mermaidcafe in loasnark

How long have you been using the LOA?

I'm curious about how long everybody's been using the LOA. What got you started?

I've been actively learning about it and using it for a couple of months now. I'd gone through a major crisis and was doing a lot of spiritual exploration afterwards. During that time, I had two very spirtually alert people that I respected tell me that I didn't know my power, that I was limiting my own potential. One of them specifically recommended The Secret dvd. I watched that and I felt like the principles were generally pretty great but the overall production was accidentally hilarious. Since then, I've been hungrily learning all the variants and trying to find a way to apply it that a) works, and b) still lets me feel like myself.


I didn't start with The Secret, or the LOA, but the principles were all the same.

About... six years ago I read Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. That book changed my life, it was like being told the truth for the first time.

I then read most everything else Neale wrote, then read most of Deepak Chopras stuff.

A few years ago I read The Secret book and watched the DVD, same messages as before just a different way of saying them.

After that I read up on Quantum Physics by reading a bunch of Fred Alan Wolfe's stuff. It was intense, but it helped me understand some of the "hows" to this universe where thoughts create things.

Now I walk in awareness. I still have doubts, but I understand that my doubting is perfect because this is a process, not a race to transport myself from here to the end point as quickly as possible.

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November 2008

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